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Big Dwarf

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The Mermen – Pulpin’ Line (A Glorious Lethal Euphoria)

Electric Orange - Perpetuum Mobillar (Netto)

Shadow Witch – Snout (Sun Killer)

The Merman – Whales (Krill Slippin’)

Hogjaw – Where Have You Gone (Rise to the Mountain)

Wanda Jackson – Rip It Up (The Party Ain’t Over)

The Mermen – Centrifugal Beatdown (A Murmurous Sirenic Delirium)

Backyard Ghost – In Search of Ancient Astronauts (Filthy Prayers)

Circus Contraption – The Slaughter’s Promenade (Our Latest Catalogue)

The Mermen - Into the West (Food for Other Fish)

Tom Tom Club - L'Elephant (Tom Tom Club)

ÖfÖ Am - Eye Öf The Öctopus (Tales From Outerspace: An Octaman's Odyssey)

The Mermen – Me and Her (Songs of the Cows)

Retroactive Gamma Rays – Hammock Connoisseur (Activiate!)

Trailer Bride – All Thine (High Seas)

The Mermen – He Liked the Rocking of the Sea (Splendeurs Et Miseres)

Stray Cats – Lonely Summer Nights (Gonna Ball)

Teeth of the Sea – Mothlike (Your Mercury)

The Mermen – Drivin the Cow (The Magic Swirling Ship)

The Cosmic Jokers – Power Drive (Gilles Zeitschiff)

Reverend Beat-Man and The Church of Herpes – Blue Suede Shoes (Your Favourite Position Is on Your Knees)

The Mermen – Unto the Resplendent (The Amazing California Health and Happiness Road Show)

The Mermen – Honeycomb (The Mermen at the Haunted House)

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