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Big Dwarf

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Yma Sumac - K'arawi (Inca Taqui)

The Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass – Teenagers from Mars (Fiend Club Lounge)

Rebecca Wolf-Nail – Catspaw (Denizens)

Los Tabanos Experience – Fat Moonlight Cat (Atlantis Mirage)

William Shatner – Space Cowboy (Seeking Major Tom)

The Moaners – Dreamin’ About Flyin’ (Blackwing Yalobusha)

Mercury Rev – October Sunshine (Snowflake Midnight)

HorroPops – Heading for the Disco? (Kiss Kiss Kill Kill)

Frances Cannon and The Extraterrestrials – Lincoln’s Ghost (The Singing Psyhic)

Buckethead – The Corpse Plower (Bucketheadland 2)

Astrosoniq – Mindless (Big Ideas Dare Imagination)

Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band – Zig Zag Wanderer (Safe as Milk)

Zombie Ghost Train – Teddy Boy Boogie (Dealing the Death Card)

Reverend Beat-Man and the New Wave – Today is a Beautiful Day (Blues Trash)

Tiny Tim – Highway to Hell (Rock)

Ten East – Expanding Darkness (Extraterrestrial Highway)

Nektar -The Nine Lifeless Daughters of the Sun (Journey To The Centre Of The Eye)

Flat Duo Jets – Mr. Moonlight (Jet Set)

The Tikiyaki Orchestra – Bachelor #1 (Swingin' Sounds for the Jungle Jetset!)

The Flamingos – Love Never Says Goodbye (The Flamingos Collection)

Grand Funk Railroad – Can’t Be Too Long (On Time)

Glenn Miller – Elmer’s Time (The Definitive Collection)

The Surfaris – Wipeout (Wipe Out)

Hawkwind – Magnu (Warrior on the Edge of Time)

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